Swim your Way to Health

Swim your Way to Health

Swimming is both a sport and a fun activity. It’s also a survival skill which means there’s a lot to gain by engaging in this exercise. Because it is an aerobic activity, swimming gives you the benefit of better oxygen circulation in your blood. But the best part of doing this sport is that it gives you the chance to work out your entire body without the jarring impact to your bones. This is especially beneficial to the elderly or for individuals who have arthritis and other illnesses that concerns the bone.

This is because the body is lighter when it is submerged in water. The unique environment lightens up the body’s load which means that when a person is submerged in water up to your neck, the body only supports 10% of the weight because the rest is managed by the water. [...]

Caring for Your Heart

Caring for your Heart

The occurrence of heart attacks among individuals between the age of 30 and 40 has gone up in recent years. Some say this is because of the prevailing sedentary lifestyle among the working professionals. Coupled with a bad diet, it’s a surefire way to put an unnecessary strain on your heart.

While it is unrealistic to expect everyone to be super athletes, there is a growing awareness of the importance of exercise in a person’s daily schedule. Even a person with the busiest of work schedules need to find time to engage in an exercise routine to keep the heart healthy. This is the cheapest way to prevent all kinds of heart disease, control cholesterol levels, decrease teh chances of diabetes and helps control overeating.


Finally, I Bought A Coffee Machine!

I finally did it. I bought a commercial coffee machine. That’s not just a coffee machine. It’s the kind you get at a café, not the simpler type meant for homes. Why? Well, Why not? I have been thinking about it for a while, maybe for years. Figured I might as well get the best now that I am committed. So, Commercial coffee machine it is.

But who knew coffee making is such a complicated business? I figured since I was now going to be making my own coffee, maybe I should get some professional training. So I enrolled for a barista course. As a swim coach, I respect trainers of whatever profession, maybe because I have had my share of acquaintances over the years asking me: Oh, you actually get paid to teach kids how to swim? Like swimming is not a real job. Never got used to that question.

Actually, coffee and I come along way. Without getting into figures and numbers, I have seen more than my fair share of swimmers. Some of the really talented kids went on to cause a splash in High school competitions. And, of course, I have coached plenty of seniors more interested in whiling away the afternoon than actually swimming. Most people don’t seem to get it but coaching has crazy hours. All weekends most weeks, plus at least two hour morning sessions four days a week and just about every afternoon if you have a school in your list of clients. And that is when there are not competitions in the horizon and you are not the head coach of a high school. If you head coach, it’s a full time job.
Along the way, a man gets to appreciate his coffee. Eventually, when you do the math, it’s cheaper to get your own coffee machine than buy the coffee by the cup.

My Commercial Coffee Machine and I

Back to me and my commercial coffee machine. The barista course takes three hours. I was told that is the introductory course and no, I don’t think I want to take the expert course. If I can make better coffee than the usual takeaways that I have drunk over the years, I will be fine.

I recommend the barista course to anyone who really likes coffee. It makes a huge difference. Coffee beans storage is no big deal. It’s pretty much what you would expect. Dosage measuring is more like it. Apparently, it’s not just about how much ground coffee you use, but also the particle grind size and where you are doing it. Humidity in the room counts. Plus you can measure the dosage mechanically or electronically.

And did you know that espresso coffee is the basis of most coffee-based beverages? Its espresso added into something or added something. And if you are to properly use a commercial coffee machine, you probably don’t want to make just espresso. You want to make Cappuccino, Ristretto, Piccolo Latte and Iced Coffee. Or maybe a Mocha or Macchiato.

Why do they all sound Italian? No idea. But at this rate, I will figure it out soon enough. So pass it around: I am now officially a swimming cum coffee coach.

How to Rehab a Back Injury with Swimming

I was recently talking to a friend who had injured his back and he was quizzing me on the benefits of using swimming to rehabilitate the injury. He is a self-employed landlord who had purchased a repossessed property and was doing some renovation work to get it ready to let. He wanted to do the work himself because he’s adept at it, and it keeps the costs down but he had an accident and aggravated an old back injury.

Why Swimming is Good

Firstly, swimming is a low impact injury for the majority of people. This means you are not jarring the injury as you would if you were jogging or riding a bike. It also allows full stretching of all the different parts of the body, not just the injured area, meaning you are strengthening your body and hopefully can avoid future injuries. Swimming creates an aerobic condition due to the resistance of the water which gives a workout while effecting rehabilitation on any injuries at the same time.

The other reason swimming is good is because the water supports you and releases the pressure which is associated with standing exercises, especially for a back injury. Backstroke, if you can manage it, is recommended as one of the best for back injuries as the water supports the back.

It is also commented on by people who have used swimming or being in the pool that the perception of pain can be diminished when in the water. This means you can do a little more without being distracted by pain.

Other exercises

Even if you aren’t a swimmer, being in the pool can be beneficial, and there are exercises you can do. Something as simple as walking in water up to chest level and adding some arm movements while doing this, can build up strength.

Hydrotherapy is something which can be recommended through a GP or physiotherapist and involves being in a special pool and completing a series of repetitive exercises. These include stepping up onto a single step in the water and squatting slightly as if sitting down. Also known as water therapy, it is recommended for ongoing conditions such as osteoarthritis and osteoporosis as well as strains and other injuries.


Hydrotherapy in particular should only be done under expert supervision. Even when starting with swimming, it is a good idea to have an expert present to make sure you are not doing anything which can make the injury worse. Water therapies should also be avoided by people with fevers or an infection and those with severe heart failure should avoid the pool. The high water temperature can cause problems for some people and can actually make some conditions worse.

The End Result

Being in the pool, be it swimming or just general exercises, can be a benefit to nearly everyone in one form or another. Even if you are looking to increase overall fitness or loose some weight, being in the water is a fun way to do this with good results.

Makeup for Athletes and Ridiculous Beauty Standards

Swim meets are full of drippy, sweaty, chlorinated athletes drenched in pool water and exhausted from their races. The meet uniform is sweatpants or pajama pants paired with a pull over or zip up sweatshirt—the comfier the better. As much as they might care about physical appearance at any other event in their lives, swimmers rarely consider how they look at meets, eyes covered by goggles and hair covered by caps. Their identity is barely perceptible under the guise of swim equipment, never mind their appearance scrutinized.

Now, zoom in on the one swimmer in her team suit, who you can clearly see has a different idea of how she is perceived by fans and fellow swimmers. Before warm up, after cool down, and between events, she takes off her cap and goggles to reveal flowing hair and a made up face—a bit of concealer, some foundation, waterproof mascara, lip gloss, even eye shadow. It begs the question: why? Why do women find makeup (e.g. mascara) necessary at a sporting event when clearly the purpose is not to attract a romantic partner but to swim as quickly as possible, not to look like a million bucks but to look like you just gave your race 110% effort?

People who have given a race their best shot, frankly, look ugly. They’re wet and breathing heavily, their skin imprinted with goggle and cap markings. And that’s fine. Great, in fact. When I finish a race, my goal isn’t to slide gracefully out of the water, give my perfectly primped curls a shake, and bat my eyelashes. My coach always told me, “At the end of your race, I want the lifeguard to have to pull you out,” and I stand by that. I want to grunt struggle to hoist myself out of the pool. I want to peel my cap off my gross, soggy hair plastered to my scalp. I want to lack the energy to think about my appearance because I’m so exhausted from swimming. If that doesn’t happen, I haven’t worked hard enough. And that feels good.

When athletes wear makeup (e.g. eye liner) it makes a statement: I care more about what I look like than my race. Those priorities aren’t useful. When appearance is valued over work ethic and effort in any field—sports, education—people suffer. We teach the people watching our swim meets that we value long, curly eyelashes over a hard swim, that a blemishless face is more or equally important as a blemishless race. We teach others and ourselves that it’s never okay to look less than our bests—and that’s not okay. There are days people look terrible—men seem to understand this. There are plenty of red-faced, sweaty male runners in pictures, and Michael Phelps doesn’t seem to feel any pressure to look fresh faced and flawless every time he emerges from a face-off with the 100 butterfly.

Emphasizing appearance at sporting events means more women who feel their appearance isn’t good enough the way it is, more women who feel they need to paint on a flawless face every time they leave the house, and fewer women who feel comfortable with their own naked faces, whatever those faces look like.

How Tom Overcame His Swimming Injuries – Lessons To Learn

In all my years as a swimming coach, I have discovered that most swimmers suffer from various injuries to the neck or shoulder region. One such case consisted of chronic neck pain that a newer swimmer, Tom, simply could not get rid of. He tried icing his neck and stretching before and after each practice, but nothing seemed to help reduce the pain and stiffness. Finally, he visited a physical therapist assistant who ended up playing a vital role in Tom’s recovery process.

The physical therapist assistant helped determine the source of Tom’s pain and how it related to his neck’s function and mobility. The neck consists of spinal nerves that run between the vertebrae, sending signals to the joints, skin, shoulder joints, and muscles of your body. Several muscles also exist in the neck, and once injured, these muscles can produce pain, numbness, tingling, and weakness. The physical therapist assistant discovered that Tom’s neck problems related back to the swimming strokes that we had been working on.

Changing Swimming Techniques

There were several subtle problems that were affecting the swimmer’s neck directly and indirectly with his freestyle stroke. A previous coach had recommended that Tom should swim in a slightly extended neck position while looking slightly forward. When I began working with him, I changed the recommendation to a more modern approach, which is looking straight down at the pool’s bottom without lifting his head. The physical therapist assistant explained that having a slightly extended neck position for so long had resulted in Tom over-rotating his neck and causing strain to his muscles.

Getting the Proper Care

The physical therapist assistant took into account Tom’s complete history when teaching him exercise techniques to reduce the pain and stiffness in his neck. Tom went through several weeks of muscle stretching and strengthening routines to increase his neck’s flexibility and strength. Tom went through a series of exercises to improve his neck’s stability, including the:

  • Shoulder Roll: With his head in an upright position, Tom needed to gently lift his shoulders, rolling them in a circular motion. This exercise called for 10 repetitions.
  • Head Roll:Relaxing his arms against his sides, Tom would roll his head in semi-circles to stretch his neck’s muscles. The assistant recommended for him to perform 10 repetitions.
  • Muscle Stretching: Letting his head hang to one side, Tom needed to gently push his head down to stretch the muscles, holding for about six seconds. He would repeat this three times.
  • Muscle Strengthening Exercise: Holding one hand behind his head, Tom would push his head against his hand without letting his head move. He would hold this position for 10 seconds, repeating three times.

On top of performing these exercises, Tom needed to attend one-hour therapy sessions with the therapist assistant. The assistant also recommended Tom to implement the following steps to increase his chances of a faster recovery process:

  • Ice and heat applications
  • Muscle electrical stimulation
  • Neck traction
  • Massage therapy

The physical therapist assistant explained that Tom could continue with his swimming practices, but he needed to take precautionary measures when performing the different stroke techniques. Tom should continue performing the freestyle technique with his head facing the pool’s bottom, but when he needed to come up for air, he needed to only move his mouth slightly above the water’s edge to minimize neck strain. When we were at practice, I paid closer attention to his movements, making sure his neck remained in alignment with his back at all times and his flip turns were performed in a smooth motion.

A Whole New Outlook

By the time Tom completed several weeks of physical therapy, he told me that his neck felt as good as new. He could not believe how great it felt to be able to swim without the pain and stiffness ensuing the moment he climbed out of the pool. Since then, Tom has won several awards and has taken his swimming to a whole new level of expertise. Never again will I doubt the true importance of a physical therapist assistant, especially when it comes to getting my guys into championship material condition.

Picking up a New Hobby

I’ve been cooped up in the house during the winter months and it’s time to start enjoying the warmer weather again. This awful winter has given me a new appreciation for the beauty of the great outdoors in the summer months. Therefore, I’m hoping to take up hiking as a hobby. But when you’re getting up in age like me, you need to plan a lot more than you used to. I’m going to need some comfortable boots, a nice walking stick, plenty of food, etc. When I was a twenty-something, spontaneity was never an issue. I could go some pretty interesting places with just the clothes I had on. Since that’s no longer the case, I had to get some gear.

If you’re handy with searching for things online, you can find a good website that offers a nice comparison of the best hiking boots for men and women. Buying online is usually a little cheaper than going into the store, so I figured it was worth a shot. There are a lot of good options to search though, and in the end, I chose the some boots in the $140 range. I like how they are known for being durable with great support. Well I got them delivered a couple days later and they are breaking in really nicely. They fit just like I expected too.

Next up was a good walking stick. I didn’t really care about reviews for this one as long as it could hold up my body. Since I was already on Amazon, I did a search and ended up buying a pair of poles from Hikker that had “shock absorbers.” I don’t know how much that’s going to save my knees, but it’s worth a shot. It also comes with a cool little wrist strap that has a compass and thermometer on it. I think they’re accurate, but I haven’t used them enough to know for sure.

I also bought some nice wool socks from the hikingformiles website, and was all set to start hiking. I live near some hills, but nothing too extreme, so I thought that my first hikes would be pretty easy. Well, as they say, one man’s easy is another man’s nightmare. This trail only had an elevation change of about 200 feet, but I felt every single one of them. By the end of the trail, my muscles were just like jello and I could have slept for days. I’m obviously not in hiking shape and am going to have to spend some serious time honing my walking skills. Who knew that walking would take this much practice? At least my feet felt pretty good with those boots and socks.

If all goes according to plan, I’m going to hike that trail twice a week. I’ll also try to find more variety every couple of weekends or so. Once I get in better trail shape, I’ll be able to increase my difficulty. Until then, I’m going to be asking everyone I know for tips and tricks on how to conserve energy while on the hike. I’m sure there’s technique in it just like swimming. You can save a lot of energy if you know how to do it right.

Helping A Student Pursue His Dream Of Becoming A Marine

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a former student of mine who is pursuing a career as a United States Marine Corps Officer. I was quite impressed by his prospects and desire to do something challenging. The student asked if a could put together some swim workouts for him to do in preparation for two schools he is getting ready to attend: Marine Officer Candidate School and The Basic School for the Marine Corps.

Of course I was happy to help out such an eager young man. The thought of me helping a Marine train was even more exciting. I have had several students go on to competitive swimming, or become athletes in some form. I never did have a student join the military, at least none came back to tell me about it.

It took me a bit of time to come up with these workouts only because I had to do some research on military type training. There isn’t a whole lot of swimming going on in the Marines, but I’m a true believer that swimming can help people improve in many other areas. Turns out the Marines like to run and hike a lot. This is great! Swimming is a fantastic way to increase leg strength and improve flexibility. Workouts in the water are also more joint friendly, so I figured these workouts were even better for someone like my student who is doing a lot of strenuous exercises.

Do sprints, fast swims, kickboards, and underwater swims first and then go to lighter paced cardio swims. Try and shoot for at least a complete hour to swimming. After the main workout you can continue swimming at a moderate pace until done.

Workout #1

Do this circuit 3-5 time for an intense cardio workout.

Swim 200m moderate pace
Pushups – 30 seconds worth of pushups
Abs of choice – crunches, situps, flutterkicks, leg levers – 1:00 of abs

Workout #2

The kicks will help build leg strength.

4 x 100m sprint/rest with 50m with flutterkicks
4 x 100m sprint/rest with 50m using breast or dolphin kick

Swim for an addition 20-30 minutes for some additional cardio.

Workout #3

A classic swimming workout that is great for anyone.

5 x 50m sprint freestyle (change strokes as desired)
Rest with 20 seconds (hydrate if needed)
5 x 100m sprints — any stroke
Rest 40-60 seconds

Swim an addition 20-30 minutes after completing the above circuit. You can also add in a kickboard for some more intensity.

Workout #4

I added these as a way to make the workout more “Marine friendly.” By that I mean there are some additional weight lifting exercises to do between swims. Do this 3-5 times for a nice workout.

Swim 100-200m moderate pace
Pushups – 10-20
Crunches – 20-30
Bicep Curls – 10-20 reps

This is a workout that I developed specifically for a student training for the Marines. I think that anyone out there looking to exercise can benefit some a similar training plan. Supplement these workouts into what you are already doing and add more variety.

Another year in the rearview mirror

Today is a very important day for this blog and for myself. It is the 5th anniversary of “my baby”.

It feels like if it was yesterday when I decided to share most of my life experiences publicly.

At first, it felt a bit odd I was revealing personal information that only people close to me knew about. But now that I look back, all I can say it is the best decision I’ve ever made.

So many people have contacted me saying they are very thankful because my stories have taught them a few lessons since they were going through similar situations. They’ve found inspiration in what I’ve shared. And that is the main motive I simply keep going blogging.

It is not just about the monetary benefits this platform has brought into my life, which I am really thankful for, don’t take me wrong. But the feeling of knowing that trough me, I’ve touched your lives in a good way, it is something that I simply can’t be thankful enough in this life.

If you recall, I started narrating from the very beginning, from my college days. Everything dates back when I started majoring in education Then I realized I didn’t have the feeling that such career was meant for me, and switched onto nursing school after almost one year into the program.

When everything really changed for me

I finished my associates degree and started working as a CNA. I worked for 6 months, and even though I did like what I was doing, I still felt I wanted something else in my life. I still felt the need of teaching. That’s why I decided to go this time for a bachelor of science in kinesiology.

I always loved physical activities, I did all kinds of sports all of my life. Like I mentioned before, I liked teaching others what I knew, I just wasn’t sure exactly what exactly I wanted to teach.

5 years later I graduated and went across the country to work in Boston at a local high school in the suburbs, where I started as the physical education teacher. A few years later, I got a job offer from a well known college in town, where i was offered the position in the athletics department as the women’s team swimming coach.
After spending almost 20 years working closely with young women in that lovely sport, I decided to retire, not because I was tired or I didn’t like what I was doing, but in order to spend more time with my family.

During that process I did everything I wanted, I saw closely how my grandchildren grew up and enjoyed at its fullest, the stage I was living. In my case, as the oldest generation of the class.

Then I became anxious to share all of the knowledge I had accumulated during all those years. At first I though about writing a book, but the process seem a bit complicated at that time. And then, thanks to this new era we live in, I found out about the term “blog” from a friend, and immediately I got “hooked”. I found out how to get started, and 5 years later, you are now reading this same blog I began with so much enthusiasm.

I want to thank you not only for reading it, but for making me a better person because the same way you learn from what I write, I have also learned a lot from the experiences some of you have shared with me as well.

I want to remind you this blog is for you, feel free to learn from me and teach me whenever you want.
Cheers, and hope to be with you for more long years to come.

An Old Guy Goes Snowboarding

I have a young friend. He is about 25 years old, athletic, in perfect health, and he has no idea that he is mortal. I’ve coached him and his younger brother since their early teens, and seen them do some crazy stuff, always coming out unscathed, and ready to try something else to defy death. Their father is my age, and we have become pretty close over the years, you know, BBQ’s on the deck with the family, sharing the game on my 42″ LCD tv. There’s a bond built on respect between us, and I like to keep it that way.

As I’ve aged, I’ve pretty much come to know what my limitations are. No jumping from a picnic table to the cement sidewalk (ouch, my ankles!), and no endless underwater swimming, but I guess I just had a crazy moment when my sun-burnt young pal ran up to me one day as I was leaving the gym pool and said, “Dad and I are going snowboarding this weekend, you’re coming too!” He had already turned to go as if it was a done deal, so I just yelled, “Sure!” then kept walking to my car. It wasn’t until I’d opened the door to get in when it hit me… I had just agreed to go snowboarding, something I’d never done before, and we were leaving in four days. No amount of reading or watching Youtube videos was going to teach me what I needed to know before then.

I’m a coach! A respected, revered, salt and pepper haired, god-like (well, maybe that’s pushing it) figure, and I couldn’t lose face by saying that I couldn’t try something new because I was… too old. Breakable… hip joints going bye-bye… afraid of those high speed impacts on hard snow that broke a friend’s wrists… What was I doing?

The rest of that afternoon was spent researching what I’d gotten myself into, and I learned some cool stuff. I found an awesome snowboarding site and, of course, the first thing I clicked was their post entitled, “Is snowboarding dangerous?” This was actually quite reassuring, and I found myself following that article by another and yet another, until I was stoked! Just like competitive swimming, you learn the risks, you learn the techniques, you practice until you train your muscle memory, and then you can relax and let your subconcious do the work. Yes, I would be going down the beginner slopes this weekend, but this could be something I could seriously get into.

I stayed up well past midnight that night reading, and ended by actually choosing the snowboard I was going to get, a bright red and black Burton board that was called a “super-hero” because that’s what I felt like.

Saturday morning we were there. It was a hassle getting suited up, but once I got everything right, I felt good. A little consternation at having my feet strapped onto the board, and a little panicky feeling in my chest as we got on the ski lift seat and rode to the top of the first run, but otherwise, good. When we got to the starting point and I was mentally re-reading the entire list of first time snowboarding tips in my head, I realized that there were scores of kids not even up to my knee height gliding down that run. They were crashing left and right, laughing and rolling around in glee, no one was scared, everyone was having a great time, and I realized right then, I could do this.

And I did! Oh yeah, I fell down. I made mistakes, I even bent one of my knees the wrong way so that I had to ice it later on, but I had a great time. There had been no need to fear this. I guess an old dog CAN learn new tricks.

Teach Your Kids to Swim, it Could Save Their Life

I was reading an article recently on the number of children that never learn how to swim. The numbers are depressing, and the number who drown each year is heart-breaking, however it reminded me of a conversation I had many years ago. Thinking about it now seems to shed some light on why there are still children in this country who are not taught how to swim.

I used to run a weekly swimming session for kids aged 4 years and over in the mid-90s and taught them to swim. Some kids were only there because their parents saw it as a cheap way to get a break from them during the school holidays, others knew the importance of learning how to swim. Overall I felt it was a rewarding way of doing my bit for the community.
After one session I was talking to an aerobics instructor who held sessions in the gym hall adjoined to the pool complex. After stating that I was teaching kids to swim she replied “Oh, that’s wonderful, but I’d never allow my kids near a pool, they’re dangerous”. I pointed out that it is far safer for her kids to learn to swim than the chances of them drowning during a swimming lesson, but my words didn’t seem to register with her, in her world, she knew best.

That conversation has stuck with me since and I have always felt that teaching kids to swim at school is important, but it is just as important to make sure that their parents understand just how vital it is too.

If Your Kids Don’t Know how to Swim Yet

There are so many options available for teaching your child how to swim, the best in my opinion is to take them to your local pool and sign them up for swimming lessons. In my experience you can expect to pay around $10 per session. I would recommend that you watch the swimming lessons from the side of the pool to reassure your child and to make sure they are learning and not being disruptive to other children in the session. After only a few sessions most children can keep themselves afloat and move themselves around in the water easily.

The other option available is to teach your child to swim yourself, either at your local pool, or at home if you have your own pool like an above ground pool or in-ground pool that is suitable. The most affordable choice if you don’t have your own pool is the above ground pool if you want your child to become a confident swimmer. The best above ground pools and in-ground pools for swimming are rectangular in shape compared to oval or round pools. Also make sure to have a child-proof set of above ground pool steps to stop them getting in unattended.

At What Age They Should Learn?

Teaching your child to swim will mainly depend on how old they are, if they are under 4 years old (according to the American Association of Pediatrics) then you can teach them to swim so that they should be able to stay afloat and move unassisted.

How and Why I Created A Man Cave

I used to be a swim coach for many years. Upon retiring I decided that I wanted to convert one of my bedrooms into a man cave. What could possibly be better than a place where I could watch all the sports I wanted? I decided to make this man cave so that I could have a place just for me. A place where I could relax, meditate, and reflect on life as I get older. A place where I can get a little space from my wife, and also a place where I can hang out with my buddies. After my daughter moved out, I couldn’t bring myself to change anything about her room. But now that she is older and has kids of her own, I feel as though I can let go now. So my adventure began – I went to Home Depot and Walmart and found the supplies I would need to make my man cave.

First thing on my list – a 60 inch LED internet television. Clearly, the bigger the screen, the better! With a big screen I can sit around and watch all the sports I want, and never have to squint, or wonder if I missed something! I bought wooden boards, and some chairs from Home Depot so that I could create a mini bar in this room too. There’s no better way to spend time than to have some buddies come over, drink, and watch some sports together.

I also bought some pictures of my favorite sports stars to put up on the walls. I created a small glass trophy cabinet too, where I can display some of my own swimming medals, as well as those that some of the trophies my former students gave to me. These look really nice and give my man cave a sporty feel to it. I feel a great sense of pride watching TV and having all those trophies starring back at me.

The next thing on my list that I bought were some great speakers. This way I can get lost in music during the day, and have surround sound while watching sports at night. It’s nice to be able to block out the outside world, and just have some time to focus on me. I have spent my entire life giving to others, and I have finally come to a point in my life where I can spend the rest of my days doing the things I love, and having some peace.

Next, I needed to buy was some recliner couches. As a coach, I spent all my hours standing in the hot sun or swimming alongside my students. Now it is time for me to be able to put my feet up and relax in my man cave. The best way to do this is to have recliner couches, with cup holders obviously that will hold my beer!

The very last thing to add to my man cave is a giant refrigerator, a pool table, board and card games, and a microwave. The fridge will serve as the perfect way to chill my beer, and stock up on the junk food that I can now enjoy. A pool table as well as board and card games will keep us busy and laughing when we’re not watching sports. A microwave will save me from ever having to leave my man cave to eat!

From Swim Coach To Turkey Hunter

Spending my work years as a swim coach was great, but having to figure out what new hobby to pick up in order to fill the time hasn’t been easy. I wanted something to do in my free time that would keep my interest. I also wanted something that I could brag about after putting in my effort. Who would have thought that hunting would fit the bill, but it happened to be the right season and I fell in love with it.

For starters, believe it or not it’s actually a relaxing hobby. That may seem odd but it’s true, and maybe it’s because as a person ages they grow (usually) in patience. Or it could be that my patience came about during my coaching years. At any rate, hunting was a perfect fit for me and could be for you too.

Even if you’re not into killing animals, that’s not a problem because hunting is not just about that. You don’t ever have to harm a single hair on an animal if you’d rather not. Lots of people enjoy hunting as a sport and it’s still a thrill. We all know that if we face off with an animal, we can easily come out the winner, but what I find the most thrilling is that we can outsmart an animal even though we have our face-off in its native home out in the wild.

In comes technology—with a good rifle scope you’ll have a great shot (pun intended) at hitting your target when that fat tom turkey wanders into view. There are a lot of scopes to choose from, everything from open sight to laser and night vision, so take your time when picking one out. Scopes allow you to focus on targets at a distance, and can be adjusted to work best for you with your gun. Before buying a scope visit this website to read complete rifle scope reviews of some of the best rifle scopes on the market. When you have made your decision, you can buy the rifle scope you pick out on-line for the best prices.

When you’re going out on a hunting trip, you may wonder what to bring along, but that’s up to you. It may be best to use a gun unless you have some bow experience. If you’re one of the “non-killing” hunters there’s not really a weapon for you. Weapons are designed to kill the animal, so if you want to hunt without one you’re probably going to have to try trapping your prey.

Enjoy yourself when you go out on a hunt. It’s your time to shine with new accomplishments at this time in your life. You’ve finished working and doing your part in the world and society by working. So now you can relax and bask in your retirement and rest of your freedom. Take along some friends or join a club if you live near one. Putting your time and some bucks into your new hobby will make it the thrill of a lifetime.