Swim your Way to Health

Swim your Way to Health

Swimming is both a sport and a fun activity. It’s also a survival skill which means there’s a lot to gain by engaging in this exercise. Because it is an aerobic activity, swimming gives you the benefit of better oxygen circulation in your blood. But the best part of doing this sport is that it gives you the chance to work out your entire body without the jarring impact to your bones. This is especially beneficial to the elderly or for individuals who have arthritis and other illnesses that concerns the bone.

This is because the body is lighter when it is submerged in water. The unique environment lightens up the body’s load which means that when a person is submerged in water up to your neck, the body only supports 10% of the weight because the rest is managed by the water. [...]

Caring for Your Heart

Caring for your Heart

The occurrence of heart attacks among individuals between the age of 30 and 40 has gone up in recent years. Some say this is because of the prevailing sedentary lifestyle among the working professionals. Coupled with a bad diet, it’s a surefire way to put an unnecessary strain on your heart.

While it is unrealistic to expect everyone to be super athletes, there is a growing awareness of the importance of exercise in a person’s daily schedule. Even a person with the busiest of work schedules need to find time to engage in an exercise routine to keep the heart healthy. This is the cheapest way to prevent all kinds of heart disease, control cholesterol levels, decrease teh chances of diabetes and helps control overeating.


Yet Another Hobby: Piano!

In my later years, I’m always looking for ways to keep my mind healthy. I try to pick up new things all the time. I also try to do mind exercises that will help me preserve my motor skills and might even help prevent disease.

I’ve found another new one, folks! It’s the piano! The piano has been so much fun to try and learn. It’s very difficult, but its also incredibly rewarding. It takes a lot of work to learn all of the keys, and it takes even more work to use them all simultaneously.

I realize this might be a tricky one for older folks like me, but why not? If you’d like to try it too, I’ve put together some hacks that might help you find, learn, and master the piano.

  1. Go for expensive. Why not? I’m older, I’ve saved my whole life. I deserve to splurge from time to time. Listen, I can take the money to the grave with me. I also know myself well. I know that I wont play it regularly if I don’t invest some money into it. If I pour a few grand into a new piano, then I will be much more likely to cherish it and play it regularly.
  2. Practice a few times a day. Only do this if you can. If you’re like me, retired, why not practice as much as possible. This will give you something to look forward to everyday. It’s also good for your soul. Playing beautiful music and sharing it with the world has been one of the biggest joys in my life at my old age. I think you’ll enjoy it the same if you give it a try.
  3. Use it as a way to bond with family. I hang out with my grandkids quite a bit now that I’m older. We don’t relate to a lot of the same things because of the generation gap. But if there is one thing they love when they come over, its that we play piano together and create music. It’s been a wonderful bonding experience for our family.
  4. It’s best to play on holidays. We love the holidays in our family, and the piano has been a wonderful accessory. I has allowed us to play and sing together and fill our home with joy. I think it will do the same for you.

I hope this helps, and I really hope you decide to give the piano a try. It’s an incredibly amount of fun, and it is just good for you. I’d also like to hear your experiences and hacks with the piano. Have you found ways to learn quicker? If so, let’s hear it. Please respond in the comment box below with any questions, concerns, or comments.

I really appreciate you reading.

My Life As A Swim Coach – Retirement Bliss In the Auto Industry

My name is Bill Wellington, and for 27 years, I was a swim coach for Wellington, the local high school. As a high school swim coach, I enjoyed my share of fame, and there were many times that I was able to coach my kids to victory in the state championships. I had a giant trophy case full of bright shiny trophies, and my skill as a coach really came through many times, and it filled that trophy case.

However, after almost three decades teaching swimming, it was time for me to hang up my trunks and retire. However, what was I going to do now that I was retired? I found a great career in the car rim business, and its been challenging and fun just like swimming once was.

My New Life In the Auto Industry

Why car rims? That is a question I always get from my family and friends, and the truth is that I enjoy it. I deal with people from all over the United States, and they are all interested in rims. The fun part for me is searching for car parts, which is just like being a detective. I get to look for original rims, original wheels, and if I can’t find either one, I look for replacement wheels. It is quite challenging to find these car parts, and when I do find them, its quite satisfying to me.

I always thought detectives were talented, and I actually get to play one! For a man like me, who spent my life teaching kids how to swim, I really find it quite enjoyable to help people find the parts they need to make beautiful cars. Okay, so maybe I don’t get a whole lot of pay for what I do, but then again, I never got paid a whole lot being a swim coach either, so it was never about the pay. I was a swim coach, and now am a car rim salesman, because I want to be and I actually do like what I do.

Memories Of My Former Life

Even with my new wonderful life selling car rims, I still cannot help but remember what it was like when I spent many hours a day in a big Olympic size swimming pool. However, now, it is a fond memory for me to think about my swimming days, and all the kids I got to know over those 27 long years. Today, I still see some of the kids that stayed here in the same town I live in, and its great that they all have their lives now.

Even though I work in the car industry, I still love to swim, but of course, now I do it for exercise and to keep in shape. For anyone that wants help finding car parts, I am the king, and I am thankful for the two wonderful and exciting careers I have had in my life. I was a swim coach for 27 years, and now I work in the car industry, and what an exciting retirement it has been so far.

Enjoy Life and Explore Different Adventures

Being a former swim coach, I got to train and meet different people. After years of coaching athletes, I have decided to create my own personal blog and continue with my life’s adventure. Apart from my love for swimming, I am very passionate in writing and trying out different activities. It is never an easy thing to pursue what I have always wanted. Just like anyone else, I came to a point where I didn’t what to do and where to go. Personally, I think one of the reasons why I love swimming and adventures. When I swim, I feel good. I can clear my mind and relieve my stress.

Visit new places

Whenever people ask me if I enjoy life, I always say, yes! Life is meant to be lived to the fullest. Even when I was in my college years, I would go and visit new places. For me, the feeling of being able to explore a place that is new to me is rewarding. I get to meet new people, try out different activities, taste the food and at the same time, try over-the-hill diving and swimming. Some say that my taste for adventure is quite extreme and dangerous. But in my opinion, it is that adrenaline rush that allows me to try new things and to conquer my fears.

Try out different adventures

Our daily routines and obligations can be really boring. Most of the time, we do not notice that we are no longer happy and fulfilled with what we do. Unfortunately, we cannot do anything about it. But there are a lot of ways to break the monotony.

On my way to a cliff diving adventure down south, I stopped by a shop to purchase some of the tools I need. While paying for the items, the man behind me asked me about the diving tools I bought. He’s living in that city all his life selling toddler trampolines of various kinds and creating play sets. I was surprised that he didn’t even know about that popular spot where people could enjoy the best diving experience. I told him, “You may sell the best trampoline in town. But bro, your town has a lot to offer. You have to try this adventure.”

After going with our group in the cliff diving adventure, we became close friends. At first, he was really afraid. After all, it is terrifying to jump on top of a hill and dive. But I told him that there is nothing to worry about. Beginners should start with the easy challenge and should gain experience. After years of trying out different adventures, he is now a pro.

Take that step and do not be afraid

In my adventures, I have realized that there is always one thing that stops people from doing what they really love to do. That is fear itself. With all the funny and even crazy things I have done in my life, I think it is ok to be afraid. With everything I do, I do not allow fears to conquer and get the best of me.

Just Got My iPhone Unlocked Folks!

Hey guys!

I’m only providing a fairly quick update today. I’m only back from getting my iPhone unlocked and I thought that I would share this with you guys because I know some of you had been thinking about having it done.

For anyone that doesn’t know then unlocking the iPhone simply means that you can then use it on a different network than the one it is registered to. Most people don’t even think about being able to do this however I took the plunge and I want to share my experience with you. Basically it went something like this.

The Initial Fear

Whenever you have something like this carried out on an Apple device there is always an element of fear about it. I mean, Apple are hardly the cheapest company about and messing about with the iPhone in this way can cause a lot of apprehension. However when I looked online for an iPhone unlock I found a service that answered all my questions and put my mind at rest.

I’m sure that some of the questions that I have been asking are really simple and straightforward but I just wanted to make sure that I knew what the process consisted of.

Different Unlocking Methods

Furthermore I had been doing some research online by myself. I identified several ways to unlock however I found out that only one works.

For a start any of the software unlocking programs just don’t work at all and it is easy to see how someone like myself – who is OK with technology without being great at it – could fall victim to some of these scams. The second method was a hardware unlock by putting in a new SIM card tray however I was a swim coach not a DIY expert so this option wasn’t a good one for me either. I can tell people how to do more lengths in the pool by controlling their breathing but when it comes to small, intricate jobs like this I am pretty useless. So I settled on having my iPhone unlocked by using a service to do this for me.

The Unlock Itself

The whole thing was really painless and easy from my end at least. I paid a fee and the guys put the number of my iPhone (I think it is called an IMEI number or something like that?) onto a list that then unlocked my iPhone.

It really was that simple. I am actually thinking of getting the new iPhone 6 so I will need an iPhone 6 unlock for this as well and I would use this unlocking method again. So guys that is all my iPhone unlock consisted of. If I am able to get it done then I’m sure you lot can find a good service to do it as well.

I actually got a cheaper tariff on another network as well so I am certainly very happy with it.

Anyway, like I said, this is just a short update so I will speak to you all soon!

It Seems Like Only Yesterday

If you’re a regular reader of my blog you’ll know only too well how fond I am of my nephew, Tom. Well today I can’t believe it. Not only has he just turned 28, but he’s in the process of starting up his own business. It literally seems like only yesterday since he was born. He finished university just over four years ago and although he managed to find a job related to his degree, it was clear that it didn’t really turn him on.

He and I often ruminate about my job and how it was a huge part of my life and never really seemed like work. I don’t know if I’m just feeling a bit emotional or not, but I’m pretty sure that these memories set the bar very high for Tom and his expectations of work.

Tom’s dad runs a really successful landscape architecture business and because Tom did his degree in geography and then specialized in mining, the two working together could have been dynamite (if you excuse the pun). Tom’s dad wanted that, Tom’s mum wanted that, even Tom’s sister wanted that; but Tom didn’t. So he’s now decided to try to make a living out of his passion: sport. He’s always excelled at whatever he did. A straight “A’s” student, a scratch golfer and a Scottish under 18s rugby cap really just scratches the surface of what Tom has achieved, but with those insights you’ll get my drift.

His parents are very concerned about his plan. He wants to become a personal fitness coach. He’s done all the research, he’s done all the courses and passed all the certificates he needs to, all he needs to do now is make it happen. His plan is that he’ll promote himself online and by word of mouth and that he’ll work with corporate bods who want to be seriously put through their paces on a one-to-one basis.

He’s planned a boot camp approach and most of his work will be outdoors, no matter the season. He’s identified his target market perfectly. What’s more, he’s going to do a free session for anyone who wants to give it a try and in my mind he risks nothing, because as soon as these people see what they’re getting for their money, they’ll be queuing at the door.

Tom has set himself up as a sole trader for now and has found himself a really cool sounding bookkeeping and accounting solution. Virtual Business Source is their name and they operate completely online. What this means is that no matter what time of day or night he wants to catch up with how well he’s doing, he can. What’s more, they operate on a fixed, monthly fee, which is a perfect way for him to plan and manage his cashflow.

Tom’s also in the process of getting his website designed. It’s going to be a real high-energy affair and should appeal to his audience who are genuine “go-getters” and want to make it their business to really get fit. I’ve helped him out with his set-up costs. He didn’t want me to, but I’m so very proud of what he’s doing, I managed to persuade him that investing was as much for me as it was for him! I don’t know about you, but I love seeing the young ones getting on and doing something useful.

Should I Swim Off Into The Sunet Or Get A USB Microphone And Start A Chat Show?

As regular readers will know, although I have retired from coaching swimming I still do take a keen interest into the swimming science and performance coaching.

When you have spent a large part of your life dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in one area, that not something that you ever give up. While to the casual observer there might not seem like a a great deal to swimming and coaching swimming it’s actually like most things – the deeper you get into the subject the more layers appear.

While I know a great deal about swimming I know that I’ll never know everything. There are always new developments, particularly in the area of technology, but my interest now is more like that of a hobbyist rather than a professional. I just like to keep my ear to the ground.

I still have frequent contact with old colleagues and they keep me abreast of what’s happening but sometimes they are surprised when I chip in with some new technique or information that they don’t know about. That’s because they don’t know about my secret weapon.

One Foot In The Garden, One Foot In The Pool

Now that I’m retired I have more time on my hands than most swim coaches and one way I spend that time is listening to podcasts. I like to stay active and I tend to keep busy in the garden but while I’m out there pulling weeds I’m often back poolside in my mind because I’m listening to some of the excellent swimming podcasts that are now available.

Shows like Tri Swim Coach by Kevin Koskella and Effortless Swimming by Brenton Ford fill my ears with wonderful tales of swimming of all varieties.

For example last week I listened to the the tales of Chloe McCardel as she was interviewed about how she swam the English channel 6 times! That’s a 21 mile swim! Unbelievable!

Most interesting was listening to Chloe talk about the mindset and personal battles she had to win to achieve this feat. You see, swimming is not only about technique, technique is actually the easy part, mindset is what sets great swimmers apart from average swimmers, whether that’s about enduring a distance swim or enduring the training required to reach greatness.

These struggles have been part of my life, whether it’s a kid learning how not to sink in the water or whether it’s been a young upstart trying to breaking into competitive swimming it’s always about the mental battles.

Swimming Off Into The Sunset

Swimming, is a great metaphor for life. And I have my own battles these days. I stopped coaching and I’m getting older but I’m not ready to sink just yet! That’s why I’ve actually even been thinking about starting my own podcast. I can certainly talk enough and I’d love to interview some swimmers myself.

There are the technical issues of course, I’m not sure if a usb microphone like these ones or an audio interface is best. This guide suggests that an audio interface offers greater flexibility but I don’t know if I need it or not. If any readers out there have some podcasting experience then give me a shout.

So what do you think? Want to here me chat with some professional swimmers? I think it could be fun and will keep me busy. Let me know what you think!

A Supplement That Actually Helps with Muscle Recovery

One of the most frustrating things about getting old is the amount of time that it takes my body to recover from particularly intense workouts. But over the last couple of months I have experimented with a couple of supplements that have made a significant difference in the amount of rest I need between workouts.

What qualifies for a tough workout now is considerably different than what I would’ve considered difficult when I was younger. But young people have a whole host of advantages when it comes to recovering from intense aerobic or anaerobic activity.

Now a vigorous hike or swim will leave me wiped out for the remainder of the day. Back when I was in peak physical condition I could swim all day and then keep going late into the night. So what changes within our bodies as we age.

One of the most significant changes from a hormonal perspective is the drop in production of a hormone called insulin like growth factor. Also known as IGF-1, this hormone has a significant impact on cellular health.

When we enter puberty, the amount of IGF-1 produced within our bodies spikes. This leads to the determination of several important factors from a physical perspective.

One of the most important functions of IGF-1 is to help in cellular repair and regeneration. While we are in puberty the number of muscle cells within our bodies is set in stone. It is different in each individual, but the longer IGF-1 production remains elevated the more muscle cells are produced. As we exit puberty, IGF-1 production drops off substantially. This is why once your body exits puberty, you can no longer add additional muscle cells, only increase the size of existing cells.

Increasing cellular size is called hypertrophy. This is what happens to athletes such as football players, swimmers, and bodybuilders as they continue to push their bodies and muscles to new levels of performance.

What is NOT happening is the growth of NEW muscle cells. This is called hyperplasia. And this is where IGF-1 supplements have been getting a lot of attention. Insulin like growth factor one actually encourages the body to generate new muscle cells.

Anyone in sports can immediately see the benefits of such a supplement. But that is not the only benefit of this hormone. It also causes the rapid uptake of nutrients and energy (in the form of glycogen) by muscle cells. This translates to very rapid recovery from intense forms of exercise such as bodybuilding and CrossFit.

It also has the added benefit of helping muscle cells become less prone to injury.

After reading all of this information I decided to give it a try myself. There are a wide variety of manufacturers of IGF-1. The best source of information is to just perform a quick search with your favorite search engine. You will find a number of websites that list the pros and cons of using these supplements. They will often detail the side effects and other things you should consider before trying them. One such site is Efficient Gains.

Speaking from personal experience though, I have rarely felt better after a workout. My muscles feel more elastic and less prone to injury. It’s definitely worth a try if you’re looking for the ultimate performance boost, or if you just want to regain a bit of your youth.

Boots Instead of Flippers for a Change

It is another bright day. The sky is as clear and blue as the vast ocean. The ocean. The water. Looking back, I can’t think of a day where I am not in water. But it was not love at first sight. In my younger years, the water is my adversary.

I can still recall, when I was seven. Fearless as any other children, brave and stupid enough to accept a dare. To get across a raging river. I almost drowned if not for my uncle who saw my bobbing head on the water. He swam and pulled me out, shaking and taking huge gulps of air. That was my first taste of fear.
Another lick of fear happened when I was eight. My family went camping by the lakeside. Donning my jeans and hiking boots, I looked at the calm lake.

Thinking it harmless, I joined my cousins in catching small fish. But I guess my foe decided to play a trick on me. I slipped on some mud and fell in. Not knowing how to swim, all I can do is flap my hands in panic. My cousins laughed thinking that I was just goofing around. Luckily, my father saw me and again… someone pulled me out of the water, shivering and scared. After bathing and changing into dry clothes, I sat on a safe distance by the lake. Pondering that I can’t let it happen that every time I am in the water someone has to pull me out. Gathering my courage, I stood up and with determination I told my dad, “I will befriend the water. I will learn how to swim.”

It was the start of friendship. I fell in love with the water and swimming that I’ve decided to be a swim coach. It was not easy seeing the fear in some of the eyes of those I trained but my experience and passion helped me to help them conquer their fears. The recognitions and awards I’ve earned are not the best rewards but seeing those children being in the water happy and without fear. Being a swim coach was not an easy profession but I fell in love with the water that I don’t see it as work but as a life’s learning. It was a bond with me and the water.

Now that I’ve retired from being a swim coach, I am laughing at myself. I have never thought that there will come a day that I will be sitting on top of hill, looking at the skies, looking at the trees and nature… looking down at my feet covered in work boots! I am not replacing my love for water with mountain hiking. Let’s just say that I am just giving my flippers some rest. It is somehow funny and comfortable looking at my feet not all wrinkly being immersed in water all day. I am just giving myself some time out of the water before I jump in again.

Broader Horizons – Exploring Away from Water

Since retiring from the poolside, I’ve come to enjoy the wider things in life, even in my later years. Swimming however, has remained my passion, it’s in my bones and it’s something that I will never cease to enjoy. My love for swimming and my new found broadened horizons has lead me to take both of my passions off road and into the wilderness. I’ve swapped the pool for salt water and the home comforts for a tent and hit the road. In a bid to experience more in my later years, open water swimming has opened my eyes to some beautiful landscapes, a sense of tranquility that you can’t find in the concrete jungle of modern day cities, and in truth, it’s made me feel alive.

On a journey to becoming an outdoor enthusiast, I’ve learnt many things. Don’t pee into the wind and not swimming in just my trunks when everyone else is clad in wet-suits are some of the more useful lessons. Yes it blows back, and yes if everyone’s got a wet-suit, it means the water’s freezing. Something that was not expecting to learn however, is the importance of going camping equipped with a decent knife. Now I’m fully on board with the “people shouldn’t carry knives around” bandwagon, they are dangerous and can do some serious damage. However, when they are used for their designed function out in the wilderness, they are seriously useful piece of equipment. I personally was equipped with a Buck Ranger Hunting Knife and a good job I was too.

I used this knife for literally everything when I was without my usual home comforts. Cheap and cheerful at less than $40, this knife was small enough with a blade length of 3.75 inches to be carried in my pocket or in a swimming pouch, but also sturdy enough to manage any task that I found for it. It handle cutting through food, opening packing, gutting a fish and levering my tent ropes out of the ground with ease. It’s versatility was a breath of fresh air and I’d recommend it to anyone and everyone. You can find more information about folding knives over at the Folding Knife HQ website (here), along with some really handy reviews.

I’m really blown away by the quality of these folding knives. Where I’d used a pen knife in my younger years, these folding knives are really a different level of awesome. The blade are stronger, so can handle much more heavy duty work, and they also easy to use and comfortable to hold. As I’m not as strong as I once was, having a longer blade increased my leverage and let me manage all of the tasks I mentioned earlier with ease. A shorter knife would have wobbled, struggled and really be a lot less safe to use. I’m planning a lot more outdoor trips, with Australia’s outback topping the list, it’s safe to say my trusty Buck Ranger Hunting Knife will be the first thing I pack, and most frequent thing I will use. It takes a lot for me to rave about a product, but this knife has well and truly impressed me. You need one.

Redeemable Past with a Former High School Drop Out

Everyone is making the best out of their lives. With years as a swim coach for high school students, a lot is currently happening. There is a twist to life’s events which is a sure ways of addressing the ups and downs of both life and that which you see from the students. After leaving the high school grounds as a professional swim coach, a lot has changed. The lives of the students have also developed in different ways.

One time in the mall, a former swim student who back then had to not only leave the swim team but high school as a whole. This was on the basis that she got pregnant and she had to look for a means to make ends meet. That was the last anyone around the school heard of her. Well, until today. From the look of things, she was not doing badly off. As a friendly gesture, one thing led to another and a conversation spooked up.

Seems like life had a whole lot in store for her. Do not get confused. Everything in store was for the best. Despite her predicament in her high school life, she definitely picked up her pieces and made the best out of life. On the other side, life also embraced her. She delivered a baby boy who is all grown at the age of six now. She also met someone special whom they have been dating and it is working out well. In respect to her dreams, she decided to venture into the medical field as a medical coder.

In an effort to secure this position, she has managed to attain her GED and, her CPC (certified professional coder) certification after training with Billing and Coding U. Not exactly sure what this is all about, she decides to put it down in lay man’s language. Among others in her profession, they are responsible for medical coding in a physician office setting. They employ profitable medical practices. She can now read a medical chart and interpret it in the right manner so as to provide the right patient diagnosis. Sounds like a heavy task but she has it all covered.

Shockingly, it is better than you can imagine for someone who you thought killed her future in achieving any career after falling out of high school. As compared to the individuals with only the GED certification, CPC provides you with a better chance of being employed and at the same time increases your medical billing and coding salary. Her position is also more secure in terms of being retained at the workplace.

Guess life is what you make of it. After the long conversation, her son comes from school and they decide to grab a few things before going home. Her son is amazing and they are doing pretty well. They hold hands and leave for home with her some briefing her on the day’s events. As they walk away, they seem so peaceful. As much as life gives you lemons, consider that as a huddle, skip right through it and make some tasty lemonade.

The Day I Kicked My Kids Out of Our Above Ground Pool

As you all likely know, I’m a huge advocate when it comes to anything related to swimming. I follow and respect nearly everything, just falling short of following suit with the advocacies of Michael Phelps. Water should be in a pool, not a bong!

With that said, it was one of the most ironic and unexpected days of my life last summer. I actually told my kids to exit our pool immediately. As shocking as that is, the reason for kicking them out will shock you even more!

My Pool Increased the Risk of a Dentist Visit


I thought so.

I was too when I first found out. My wife is a dental hygiene nut. She’s one of those people that ends up in trouble with the dentist for brushing too much. She works hard for her perfect smile, and visually it pays off. So, when she tries to pass on proper oral care to the kids, I have to take her side.

The Problem with Our Swimming Pool

We live very busy lives. Our pool gets maintained when we have time to do so. But, we like the luxury of being able to jump in whenever we want. The advised weekly pH monitoring is not something we follow closely. We then had to believe that we may be risking our kid’s oral health by letting them swim in our pool, as we have neglected to maintain it lately.

It all started with my wife being forwarded an article by her aunt, who is working towards becoming a dental hygienist. It was an old Colgate article, which appeared to have surfaced as a result of findings from the American Dental Association. In this article, an explanation was given on how dental erosion is more likely to occur in individuals who use poorly maintained swimming pools. While commercial pools are maintained out of requirement, ours is just maintained out of convenience. So, we were a perfect example of people at higher risk of dental erosion.

The problem was mainly the chemical levels in the pool. Poor maintenance meant these levels were not regulated appropriately. Based on the article, a pH reading between 2.7 and 7 would put people at higher risk of dental erosion. We tested after finding this article and had a 4.6 pH level.

Not good.

What We Did to Fix the Problem

We didn’t do what most parents would do. We actually got rid of the pool. We decided that it was already used infrequently, it was already an inconvenience, and we already had a family pass at a local gym, which had plenty of swimming room. So, it seemed easier and even beneficial for us to just let go of this luxury. We were considering it for a while anyway as having a pool just weighed us down more and more every year.

My wife spoke with one of the dental hygienist schools in our area for details on how to prevent tooth decay from swimming pool water. They were aware of the risks and detailed how many resolved heir issues by simply keeping a closer eye on pH levels of their pool water. Typically, a pH reading of 7.2 to 7.8 is suggested. A reading below this is acidic, making dental erosion more likely.